About Us

A descriptive page about the team.

Getting To Know Us

Highland Hobbies is a small organisation opened in 2021. Our aim is to help fellow collectors grow their collection and help others fulfil their collecting vision. We will do this by offering quality items at reasonable prices and by always ensuring we deliver in the quality department by using our keen attention to detail and by ensuring that we deliver all items as quickly as we possibly can.

The team is currently very small, consisting of just myself, Connor Walker. I have been a collector for five years now, having amassed a significant personal collection consisting of, but not limited to Star Trek, Marvel/DC and Scream.  I started selling and trading autographs in 2020 along side a couple of friends and since then I have worked with a few different autograph companies around the world and completed quite a few private signings with clients such as Rebecca Romijn, Jon Bernthal, Paris Themmen, Michael Bollner & Julie Dawn Cole.

I am a registered RACC trusted seller and as such I do everything possible to uphold both my own reputation and that of the organisation I represent.

If you have anything at all you’d like to discuss please don't hesitate to get in contact via email at highlandhobbies@outlook.com

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